you need
  • - Screwdriver small diameter;
  • - mild knife;
  • - hair dryer.
Prepare a work surface, it is best to Cover the table some cloth to avoid losing small parts.Disconnect the computer from the power source and remove the battery.Make sure that the warranty period for the product is already out and check the conditions of the contract, since dismantling the laptop can deprive you of the obligations of the seller and manufacturer.
Turn the computer face down.Remove the top cover using a Phillips screwdriver.Remove the mounting from the hard drive and gently disconnected wires, remove it from the case.
Carefully remove strips of RAM.Remove all visible fasteners to the body, not forgetting the battery compartment.
Turn your notebook.Remove
the panel above the keyboard, and you can use a thin flat-blade screwdriver or a sharp knife.Be very careful with this detail, because it is very fragile in the middle and latches on the sides are made of thick plastic.
Remove the keyboard.Disconnect the wires and cables to connect the monitor, keyboard and touchpad, holding them for the base.Be especially careful with them because they are often difficult to find in the future be available in retail stores.Remove the fasteners monitor screen after removing them from existing caps with a screwdriver.
turn the computer over again.Remove the drive, modem, remove the motherboard.Blow hairdryer fan, wherein air is directed to it, it is cold.Repeat for the keyboard, pre-flicking out accumulated crumbs.If you want to complete disassembly of the keyboard, it is best to make it on its own laid by surface.
Remove dust from the housing and other parts of the laptop using a lint-free dry cloth.
Collect laptop in the reverse order.