you need
  • Drivers for notebook.
To use the infrared port on the laptop you need to install the appropriate drivers.They can be accessed on the disk that comes with the device and downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer of your notebook.
Click on the drive and insert the disk that came bundled with the purchase.Wait for determining the carrier in the system and run the automated selection driver for installation.Among the proposed options, select driver for IrDa (infrared port), and then click "Install".
If the disk driver does not offer automated interface, locate the appropriate file system folder with the ID of your device and run the file Setup.exe.To start the playback of files on the disk, you can click "Open
folder to view files" in the AutoPlay menu appears, use the icon or go to the contents of the drive by clicking on the "Start" menu - "Computer" and select your drive.
If you do not have a driver disk, you can go to the official website of the manufacturer of the laptop and use the section "Drivers" or "Help and Support" to download the desired infrared driver.In the page list, select your laptop or enter its name in the field presented on the page.Guided menu, download a file and run it to install.
After installation is complete, restart your computer.Instructions on use of the notebook and press the key combination, which is responsible for starting the infrared port.Usually it is caused by pressing the F key together with one button from the top row of F-keys keyboard (for example, F6).On some devices to enable the infrared port has a special switch.
When you start defining the right combination of equipment in the system.Once the IR port is installed, you will see a notification on the screen.Enabling infrared completed.