Dangers Laptop

A few years ago the best "friends" for couch potatoes have a sofa and a TV.Today the baton has intercepted a computer with internet access available.Although more popular "friends" for fans to stay home still are laptops.

all current devices have a fairly high degree of strength.Laptops are no exception.But, whatever it may have been quality laptop, it is not protected from a variety of situations that may damage it.

first and most important danger for the laptop - it's coffee, tea and other beverages.Liquids spilled into the notebook computer can cause a short circuit.Because of this, it may fail in the first place, the keyboard and the motherboard.Repair laptop with such breakage can cost a little less than the cost of a new laptop.And if we are damaged other components
, repair will cost much more.In addition, moreover, it would have to buy a new laptop has a problem with the recovery of data on the hard disk.

Dust is no less dangerous for the laptop.Dust inside the unit accelerates the wear of its mechanical filling.The dust can contaminate the keyboard, interfere with the cooler, which usually leads to rapid heating of the housing.

But most in need of protection the laptop screen, which over time, there are various scratches and scuffs.Even minor defects can greatly affect the image quality.To preserve the appearance of the screen for a long time, you can use a simple and reliable way - a special film.

How to glue protective film

Before you choose to paste a special film, you need to wash your hands in order to exclude the likelihood of fat prints on the screen.Then you need to clean a laptop screen with a special cloth on the dust particles.

Taking the film, it is necessary to gently separate the replication layer a few centimeters, and attach the adhesive to the upper edge of the display.Further, separating an unnecessary layer, cover her laptop screen.In order to lay film on the surface of the screen smoothly and without air holes during bonding need to smooth the protective film (e.g., using a plastic card).

is likely that the first time the film will lie properly.In this case, it can be peeled off, rinse under water (if landed small villi) and blow dry.Glued protective film in wet as well as dry, only in this case will require more time and patience.