create additional hard disk partition, you can install the operating system.One of the first steps of the installation program asks a question to which section should install the operating system.Then click "Create Partition".When you create a partition, select the volume (for Windows will be enough 20% of the total hard disk), and the file system in which it is formatted.The remaining space on the disc may be left under the optional section, breaking it during installation on any number of parts in a similar manner.After completing installation of Windows, go to My Computer and format all other sections in the required file systems.
additional hard disk partition can also be created after the installation of the operating system.For this you need specia
l software, such as software Norton PartitionMagic.Install the software on your computer and run it to start creating an extended partition.

the right side of the main window, click on the button "Create a new partition".Then, in the next window, click Next.Then select the hard drive on which to create the extended partition and click Next.Adjust the volume of the new section of the partition letter of the future volume, as well as its file system.An additional section will be created by the removal of free space on an existing partition.In the last opened window will display a diagram of the hard drive before and after surgery.
to start operations to create additional hard disk partition, click Apply, which is located in the lower left corner of the program.Depending on the version of the application, creating a new section begins after a system reboot, or immediately.In no case do not interrupt an operation to partition your hard drive and turn off the power.Otherwise, your hard drive will be damaged.

After restarting the computer hard drive will have a new section that you can use at its discretion.