Sound Card - an essential element of personal computers and laptops.Motherboard computers available with integrated (also called embedded or borotovymi) sound cards and connectors for installing cards that allow you to play better sound.A laptop equipped with a mandatory on-board sound.There is also a PC and laptop can connect external devices for processing and playback.

Soundcard differ not only by the type of connection to the PC, but also on the technical characteristics: bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC), the number of channels, sampling frequency, noise level, the number of digital inputs, the presence of the amplifier to plug headphones, and so on.d.

The number of channels is a sound scheme, which affects the quality of the surround sound.The following sound schemes: 2, 2.1, 4, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1
, 7.1.After a point is a unit, which means that one channel is designed to connect a low-frequency speaker (subwoofer).The number before the dot indicates the number of ordinary speakers.The more speakers can be connected, the more volume will sound.For example, the sound scheme "2" means that the connector for the subwoofer, a speaker can be connected only two.

Internal sound cards

Internal sound cards are divided into integrated and installed into the PCI or PCI Express slots on the motherboard.However, integrated sound no different than good acoustic performance, as the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the built-in sound cards affect electromagnetic interference inevitably arise as a result of other elements of the computer.

interference distorts the audio signal, which could result in clicks, pops and hisses.This is clearly seen when listening to music through headphones.So music lovers, demanding to the quality of the sound, it is recommended not to use the integrated sound card.

external sound card

external card is connected to either USB or FireWire.Most often they are used for laptops and netbooks.Since the possibilities of sound cards built into portable computers, often very limited.

as external cards can be used on personal computers.They are useful in cases when the computer motherboard there are no available PCI or PCI Express slots.