Hard drive in a laptop is smaller than a conventional computer.This is due not only to the smaller size of the mini-computer and system requirements.All filling notebooks designed for small memory footprint and low speed of its transmission.Because significant amounts of fast work and creates within a compact unit high temperatures, which ultimately affects the reliability of the entire computer.
Besides all of the above, it should be noted another difference drives for laptops - it developed the technology to reduce energy consumption.When no reference to Winchester, the computer goes to sleep, goes off the screen.
Yet it is possible to change the regular hard disk on the option with the best data.It shou
ld not be a super large hard drive (up to 20-30 GB at 4200).To install it, you need to pull out a laptop source hard disk.Obestochte laptop.Turn it down the lid, turn the locking screw-battery-battery by 90 degrees in a clockwise direction using a screwdriver.Disconnect the battery.
find on the back of the notebook small cap somewhere 8h12 cm, which is drawn cylinder.This cover is attached with two screws.Keep in mind that some laptops do not have labeling.Then we must turn to open all covers on the rear panel.
hard disk is inserted into the interface to connect a laptop to a special metal skids.If runners are bolted to the body of the laptop, they should be unscrewed.If the slide is not screwed down, you should just pull the plastic tab on the hard drive slides laterally (in the direction opposite to the connector) and pull the hard drive out of the socket connection.
Remove the four screws that secure the slide to the hard drive, remove them.Metal slides you will need when you install a new hard drive.