you need
  • Internet access.
After installing the operating system, use the antivirus software installation and set up an internet connection.Open the Russian version of the official website of the company Toshiba.Click on "Laptops and options", located in the category "product site".
Move the cursor to "support and downloading files."Select "Download".After opening a new page, click "Download" in the category of "drivers".
Fill in the form.Under "Product Type" select option "Notebook".In the next column, select Satellite.Complete the remaining fields of the table.Be sure to select the operating system that is currently in use.
Download the necessary set of drivers and applications.To do this, click on the arrow located in the "Type".Once downloaded the file, open the directory where they were
First, install all of the selected applications.To do this, in turn, run the exe-file and follow the step by step through the menu to correctly complete the installation program.
Restart the computer.Press the key combination Win and E. After launching Windows Explorer, click the "System Properties" and click on "Device Manager."
Search equipment allocated an exclamation mark.Right-click on its name and select "Update Driver Software".Go to manual mode setup files by selecting the appropriate field.
Now select the directory where you downloaded the files from the site.Repeat this procedure to update the drivers of other devices.If certain files are not suitable for your device, re-open the site from Toshiba and download alternative drivers.
Reboot the mobile computer.Re-open the menu "Device Manager".If all devices are stable, none of which is highlighted by an exclamation mark.