correct choice

to intelligently choose a laptop, as well as any other equipment, the buyer is, first of all, to decide for what purpose it will serve.If you work, access the Internet, send and receive mail, one is supposed to power a laptop.Plan to play on a laptop, you should pick up more horsepower equipment.

determined for laptops are the size, weight and battery capacity.After these settings, you should decide to go to be in the hardware store.Better - directly to the producer himself.

prefer quality and want to have a stable running, durable laptop, choose among models of Asus, which includes a large "four" world producers (together with Lenovo, Sony, Samsung).Surely a laptop from Asus proves to be reliable and indispensable in the work, as well as leisure activities.This is the best option in terms of the manufacture a
nd use of the warranty.Having bought Asus, you have many years to come, and will not know the trouble with him.In addition, Asus is the manufacturer of laptops for other companies.It's safe to say that Asus - is a leader among the world producers of computer technology, it is an optimal combination of style and quality in every model.The most famous model of Asus X53U.

A good choice is also a laptop from Samsung - the manufacturer included a large "four".This notebook with a long warranty period and high-quality assembly.In their favor is also a large number of service centers in Russia.It is necessary to pay attention to the model Samsung Chronos 700Z7C (NP-700Z7C-S01RU), which will become the universal choice for a wide variety of applications.

second "echelonĀ»

If you look for a cheap option, and the requirements of the minimum requirements, then pay attention to the laptop Acer.This is a fairly well-known brand that is on the computer market for a long time.The Acer should be taken if there is no money on the Asus and the issue price is primary.Sometimes manufacturers Acer notebook save and put Windows Vista on a 1 gigabyte memory.It subsequently fraught with uneasiness.Although Acer, like Asus, manufactures notebooks for other manufacturers.We can not say that Acer has always been a thirst for innovation, because the model of their notebook relevant.Pleases and design.A popular example, Acer Aspire 5750G-2678G1TMnkk.

inferior to the first three laptops Dell, which are able to attract more price than quality.Buying too cheap laptop, remember that then probably have to spend on repairs and maintenance, which often cost almost half more than the initial cost of the laptop.Although from Dell, for example, always stylish design.There are thin notebook models that look presentable rather than, for example, with a powerful Acer.

So before you buy a laptop, decide for what purpose it should serve you as well as how much money you are willing to spend to buy it.Do not forget that the "miser pays twice."