you need
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - mild knife.
Start the removal procedure to remove the keyboard top bar under the monitor screen.To do this, remove the three screws in the section where the laptop battery.Turn the computer over, loosen another bolt from the rear cover.
Lift the panel and lift it with your fingers or not sharp edge knife.At the same time gently unsnap holders.Operate with extreme caution, since the holders are made of a thick layer of plastic, rather than the entire panel - this makes it quite fragile ele
Remove the remaining four screws with a screwdriver, carefully remove the keyboard .Try to perform the movement slowly so as not to damage the cables coming from the keyboard to the motherboard.
Disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable.Be careful - hold it by the base.
If you are good keyboard for the purpose of cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose with a miniature nozzle for hard to reach places.Turn on the vacuum purge mode.You can also clean the keyboard and the gaps between the keys with a cotton sticks.In general, the procedure itself is cleaning the keyboard - not a simple one.Full dismantling of a withdrawal of keys on laptops Sony is not recommended because the fasteners inside quite fragile and have a complex structure.For these purposes, it is best to contact a qualified service center.
If you decide to do so at your own risk, start a full dismantling of the keyboard from the top part of it.Carefully examine how the internal components are secured buttons as set spring element.In no case do not lose any of the small details, as to find exactly the same to replace you in the future is unlikely.