Remember the basic rule of transporting a mobile computer: never carry a laptop powered on.Practice shows that this method leads to a deterioration of the hard disks.Any shake-up of the device during operation may cause the occurrence of scratches on the plates.
used to carry a laptop special case, but better - a bag.Come to the choice of this accessory with great responsibility.High-quality laptop bag must be strong enough.Furthermore, it should be present gaskets and fastening straps.Their presence prevents unwanted vibrations that occur during transport of the device.
Select size bags, noting the size of the mobile computer.Most of these accessories are designed to transport a laptop with some diagonal matrix (14, 15.6 and 17 inches).
When purchasing a bag, note th
e following quality: the water-resistance and durability of the frame.The presence of such an accessory will prevent moisture from entering the low-energy housing during rain and protects the notebook from falls.
Be especially careful when moving the mobile computer in the cold season.Allow the unit to cool down to room temperature after shutdown.Do not turn on the notebook after the abrupt change in the ambient temperature.This usually leads to condensation.
Remember that the job of the battery and the liquid crystal matrix has a negative impact negative temperature.In no case did not turn on the laptop in the winter on the street.
mobile PCs Let warm to room temperature.It is best to wait at least one hour before turning on the device.
If you do not want to use a bag, buy a backpack for your laptop.It has a plastic container sealed with a special material.This backpack is great to protect your computer in case of a fall and prevent the ingress of moisture into the unit.
How to carry laptop