Tip 1: How to improve the performance of laptop

modern laptops have a very high potential in the field of performance.Of course, while their cost is also high.If you want to get the most out of your computer, but it has a budget notebook, you should pay attention to parameters such as performance and temperature for that.Perform a series of simple steps, and you can actually improve the work laptop .
Get rid of the processes that are included on startup and in the future are in the background.You still use them rarely, and almost do not remember them, but they have a significant impact on your system.Use the Loonies Admint to clear unnecessary autostart programs and to disable the program, you do not need at the moment.Also, to turn off the processes you can use Windows Explorer.
Turn off all the visual effects of your operating system shell.They are used solely for aesthetic purposes, they are functionally very rarely helpful, and they take up most of the computer's memory.Get rid of them, you can save a certain amount o
f resources that can be used for applications and programs.
Use a cooling pad for laptop .The problem with most laptops - that they are heated, regardless of where they are - for a soft or a hard surface.Using a cooling pad, you reduce the heat computer for at least twenty per cent, which has a positive impact on its performance.

Tip 2: How to improve computer performance

Many users, especially beginners, often complain of slow performance of your computer .And many of them do not know that they themselves are to blame for the problems with the computer.It is easier to say that the computer is outdated, or that the computer is too weak for the new operating system.The solution is properly configured computer .
How to improve the performance of your computer
Get rid of unnecessary folders, labels, images, etc.desktop computer .All these pictures, labels occupy a certain amount of memory your computer .Especially a lot of places from all of this takes the desktop background.
If you reduce the color rendition, it significantly reduces the load on your graphics subsystem computer .Adjust color rendering properties of the screen.In the context menu, select the "medium" level on the "Color quality".
Many users leave when buying customize the user interface by default.That is, since they set up in the store.And the store no one will fiddle with the optimal settings.Go to the "System Properties" - "Advanced" tab.Find the section « Performance ».In this section, set the settings as you see fit.
When you load the operating system is very influenced by startup programs.Some of them, and which only hinder the overall work.To do this, go to the Start menu, then - All Programs - Startup.Remove all unnecessary shortcuts.
also consume a lot of resources services that load every time you boot the operating system.By default, many services is simply superfluous.And some even harmful to many users.For example, the encryption service.Many people lost their data using this service, accidentally encrypt your data, and then reinstall the system.
The BIOS settings can be turned off to boot from the drive or drives.Then download computer some momentum.In some cases, it will be noticeable without a stopwatch.
Clean your hard drive, which is the system.Especially remove all files with extension tmp.These are temporary files Windows, which will eventually clog the system more and more.


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