you need
  • Laptop, license disk running Windows
Before starting the installation, make sure that the Windows disk is in the CD / DVD ROM-e laptop a.Turn laptop and immediately after the press F5.Depending on the model laptop and alternative keys can act F8 or F12.
window appears ways to start a laptop.In this window, select the CD / DVD ROM and press Enter.Wait for the disc in the drive starts to spin, and press any key.
will begin the process of loading Windows on the hard drive and laptop.Once downloaded the file you will get the main menu, from which you can install Windows.If this
is the first load Windows on a laptop , disk space you need to partition.Select the line "indistinguishable region", then - "Create a profile".A window appears where you must specify the scope of the new partition the hard disk.Note that the first section is for the system disk of Windows, and that the volume of the disk in megabytes.
now in the line "indistinguishable region" fewer megabytes available for exactly as much as you have created the first megabyte of hard disk partition.In this way, create a partition on the hard disk memory is full.It is recommended that no more than three.
can now begin the process of loading the operating system.Select a section (this is the first partition that you created), and then press Enter.Begin the process of loading Windows.
Next to nothing to do."Setup" will automatically load Windows.During the boot process laptop reboot several times.During installation, do not press any keys.
At the end of the installation will need to enter the user data.Keep your personal information and click "Next."Completing the Windows boot over rebooting laptop and directly launch it already loaded by Windows.