you need
  • - a list of providers;
  • - a laptop with built-in WiFi-module;
  • - software internet connection;
  • - passport.
In order to connect to the Internet, you first select a provider.Analyze the market of providing services in the field of IP telephony and the Internet.Pay attention to the ads, which can be found in the mailbox, the local newspaper, the wall.The most relevant sources of information can be colored posters, advertising agents are glued directly to the front door entrance.
zagotovte phone list and methodically ring up providers.Find out the rates, the cost of the connection, the volume of file-sharing network.Particular attention should be paid
to the shares that Internet service providers attract customers, namely, the terms and limitations associated with these shares.Often the price of a leased line connection, as well as the tariffs for use of the connection are significantly reduced only in the short term.
After clarification of all necessary details expect the master who must hold the cable leased line to the apartment.Usually the responsibility of the master also includes setting a new internet connection and creating a personal account on the website provider.Check wizard.If everything is arranged, sign an agreement on the services provided by filling in all required fields.Save your settings to use them for self-creation of a new connection
If the Internet connection settings have been accidentally altered or lost due to a system failure, use the utility Windows.To do this, click on the "Start" button, then select "Control Panel."In the new window, locate the "Network Connections", click the right mouse button to bring up a context menu where you have to select "Properties".
Find the line "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)ยป in the "General" tab.Enter the necessary data, using information about the settings, Internet connection, which was provided by the master.
Connect WiFi-router to be able to go online with laptop anywhere in the house or apartment.Manufacturers of modern routers usually supply their products special software allows you to easily connect to any network.If something went wrong, please visit the router manufacturer to specify the settings.