Disconnect the notebook from the power and remove the battery.
Then you need to remove the keyboard, it is often secured by two bolts, which you can find at the back of the computer.Turn yourself Samsung and remove the two fasteners.
again turn the laptop.Carefully pry a thin screwdriver keyboard and fingers hook the bottom part and pull it up on my own.Holders, which are located on the sides, "released" keyboard.Put it next to the body, as you have to disconnect it from the motherboard.
Queue disconnect loop, which is removed by pushing on the latch, pushed him to the contacts "motherboard."The keyboard has been removed.There remains one loop and two bundles of wires with connectors.
Turn your notebook, previously shut it down and remove all the bolts, then you need to remove the DVD drive.Winches
ter removed with a black label, just pull it aside.
Remove the top cover.Underneath is a number of chips and the various functional units, they are attached with three bolts, one at the bottom and the other two at the top, towards the screen.Unscrew the bolts Unlock two loops, which are also located on the two opposite sides of the chip.
WI FI module, remove by unscrewing one of the above bolt.You need to disconnect the monitor from the main part of the device, as a rule, he bolted, but in some models there are plastic holders.Do not break them.
motherboard can be removed without any problems.It consists of four parts, you need to shoot them all.The result - you have a cover.Remove the fan by removing the fixing screws.
All removed fasteners advisable to put in small containers, so they are not lost.of the bolt has a plastic tab, it is desirable to mark which ones they placed Samsung cell, or the assembly may have problems.