you need
  • Laptop screwdriver thin
Before you start pumping laptop, pay attention to exactly what you must have connectors on the details,space on the disk to avoid errors.You can add memory.Turn your laptop upside down.You will see the cover, which are twisted.Any of apparatus can in principle be replaced by other than a video card and motherboard.Open the lid, which is stored under a memory.It is indicated by the sign "chip".
Open the cover with a screwdriver.You have to put the memory stick.Clips press the screwdriver from different sides, but you can with your fingers.You will notice that the bar can get.Carefully remove her hands and put another.You c
an just stick the second memory into a neighboring nest, which will be empty.So you replace the memory prompt.Close the cover back.Now turn on your laptop and enter the BIOS.To do this, press the «F2» key.Save seen on the monitor settings and exit the BIOS.
Now you can begin to replace the hard drive.It is also under the lid, which you have to open.Icon indicating that there is stored a hard disk is provided in the form of drums.On the cover you even notice the grille that protects your laptop from overheating.Open the cover.You will see that the hard drive is installed on spacers.To get it, pull it out by hand.Fasteners turn and see where the drive.Remove the four bolts available.The disc will be released.Then pull it out and insert another, that is prepared.Return mounting back into place.Close the lid and turn on the laptop.Again, go into the BIOS.On the contrary the word Hard Disk displays the drive that you installed.It says that everything is done correctly.So fast you pump your laptop.Now he has become more powerful, and its performance improved.