you need
  • Internet connection, a laptop-compatible external drive power cord / laptop charging.
To install a newer version of BIOS must first determine its type and manufacturer.You can find the documentation, or to your laptop or look on the motherboard.A small chip, bright eye-catching label, and contains a BIOS , but in itself - the information about it.To date, the vast majority of cases the motherboard running BIOS from one of the world's two leading developers of such software.It BIOS Companies Award (Phoenix) or AMI, meet nowadays
any other in modern PCs is highly unlikely.
After the BIOS manufacturer defined, you must download the latest update.Find it easily on the official website of the author.Similarly, you can download and update from the manufacturer of your laptop, the main thing that was the most recent version.Many firms laptops spread on their websites once the entire software packages to update both BIOS , drivers and other equipment, such as video.
Actually, the very elementary update is run as a normal application directly in a familiar operating system.During the installation of the latest version of BIOS computer will restart with the updated system.But on some notebook models can be updated from within DOS.In this case, you need a compatible external storage media - flash card, laser or external hard disks, etc.Depending on the manufacturer BIOS , it is necessary to support the exe file to record a special DOS-boot, which also can be downloaded from the official website, and run it from under DOS.Before you run this update in an existing BIOS need to uncheck "flash bios protection", "video bios cacheable", "system bios cacheable".After rebooting, the BIOS version upgraded.