Why is it so difficult to install Windows XPon a laptop?

Some naive people who have not found a "common language" with Windows Vista or Windows 7 in a hurry to immediately replace the operating system on a familiar XP.However, the result is the same in all cases.After vain efforts jumps out a stark warning that the installer is not found on the laptop of any hard drives installed.

reason is banal.The fact that the installation program is unable to recognize the SATA-controller on the motherboard and update the drivers for it, because the distribution database drivers boot XP for a long time and "hopeless" out

dated.In order to properly install Windows on a laptop, will have to "implement" the required driver installer XP.

How to sew SATA-drivers to the boot disk to install Windows XP on a laptop?

order to "provide┬╗ SATA-driver installer to Windows XP, you can go two ways:

  1. Copy the driver to external media, and during boot XP by pressing the F6 key update due to their current information devices.

  2. Insert the driver directly to the XP installation distribution before booting the system.

The first method requires the purchase of USB-drive, the second use of special programs.What to choose - it's up to the user.

How to create a distribution package to install Windows XP on a laptop?

make distributions in principle, it is not particularly difficult.The important thing to observe a sequence of actions.

Then try to install Windows on a laptop.The procedure will take place without any problems.By the way, download the new driver as easy.They can be found on the websites of manufacturers of laptops or softovskih Games.

  1. Copy the Windows XP installation CD to a specific folder on another computer.

  2. Set on the same computer program nLite utility and NET Framework, through which we will adjust the installation distribution.

  3. run nLite and denote the path to the installation files Windows XP.The program determines the type of operating system, the presence of language modules, the availability of service packs.

  4. Choosing options that nLite will carry out an initial distribution XP.The process can be carried out manually or "let things slide."

  5. Open item "Driver", select the option 'boot image ISO ┬╗.Designate a folder with drivers who are planning to add to the installation disk Windows XP.Specify the required driver from the list.

  6. After mounting the image is saved to your hard disk or external media.