devices from different manufacturers differ from each other not only in exterior design.So the first thing you should do before you change the keyboard in laptop - read the order of disassembly instructions for maintenance and operation of the computer.If it is you have not saved, or, for example, you bought a laptop with it, then download it from the manufacturer's website.Even if your laptop model is outdated, difficult to find online manuals for any computer.
reading the guide, you will learn the procedure for dismantling and installation details.Find a special screwdriver, a cross or asterisk appropriate size.Sometimes, despite the fact that the change in keyboard laptop required frequently, for this we have to dismantle the set of body parts.Before you start working, turn off the laptop and remove the battery.
Proceed to dismantle the device.A specific list of details that you will need to be removed to change the keyboard in laptop , depending on the computer model.If you have a company laptop HP, remove the small cover from the bottom of the computer and remove the retaining screws keyboard.
Open notebook on the maximum width.Pick up keyboard on the side near to the monitor, and remove it from the mounting slots consistent upwards and forwards.You will then see the connector extending from it to your computer.Unplug the connector, you can change the keyboard in laptop , having done the above procedure in reverse order.