Scope laptop

Before going to the computer shop and choose their treasured notebook, you must define the purpose of its purchase.That is important to understand for what purpose will be used the notebook, because this will depend on the amount of money you have to spend on it.

proposed to cut the options of using a laptop at least reduce their resource consumption.This allows you to not overpay for unnecessary capabilities of your computer and have all the necessary.Consider the following graduation programs: complex computer game with high-end graphics, complex computer games medium or low level of graphics computing program used to build a mathematical or physical models, image processing program or audio data, office programs.

So cutting time after time or another program, you can dramatically save on the cost.B
ut do not overdo it as well.It should be borne in mind that the use of any software that is not needed, it may be necessary in the future.However, if the user is, say, the nature is not a gamer, it make sense to buy a laptop with a powerful graphics card is not present.

Settings notebook

To get started is to choose the processor.The first parameter, which is worth paying attention to is the model of the processor, which means that the choice of the number of cores.If you intend to work in a lot of programs at once, but at least two cores will not interfere.If you need to work in one, but let's say, challenging and intensive programs, it is better to give more attention to the clock frequency.

Another important parameter is the memory.There is not worth saving.Given how quickly the growing need for sufficient memory in modern software, it is advisable to get a RAM capacity of not less than four gigabytes.

next option concerns graphics - the volume of its memory model.If the game or programs running in the high-quality graphics, not intended use, the card bought separately is not necessary.Prices of video card is quite large, so you can fully manage the processor capabilities.It would be sufficient for a number of office type programs.And finally - a sound card.On the model of the sound card should pay attention only if there is a possibility to work with audio processing software.