you need
  • - USB-drive;
  • - the image of Mac OS;
  • - Partition Manager.
You can set your Mac OS on a laptop and other manufacturers.To begin, make sure that your mobile computer suited for this task.The main requirement is only one: the device must be set to the CPU of the company Intel.
Download image of the original installation disk operating system Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4 9E25 Retail.Now load the image Kismus Hackintosh Tools - LiveDVD and burn it to a DVD-ROM drive using Windows ISO File Burning.
Create a bootable USB flash drive using the SYSLINUX program and USB Disk BOOT Files.This will allow you to perform the necessary manipulations before entering the operating system.
create on the hard disk, two additional sections.The size of each of them should not be lower t
han 10 GB.Format both partitions in the file system FAT32 (FAT).In no case do not leave the original format NTFS.
Copy the image of the installation disc to one of the prepared sections.Run the utility Kismus Hackintosh Tools.To do this, reboot the notebook and select the DVD-ROM drive to continue the run.Once again, format the partition on which to install the operating system.
now use the "Restore from an image."Run it and navigate to the downloaded ISO-file that contains the files Mac OS.Wait until the end of the procedure.Connect the pre-created bootable USB flash drive to USB-port and restart the laptop .
Set download priority for this drive.After starting the program from a flash drive to boot, select the partition where was restored Mac OS.Wait for the launch of the new menu.
Select the checkboxes of those components that should be included in the Mac OS.Click "Install" and wait for the completion of the procedure.After rebooting again, do start with a USB-drive.Select the partition on which you have just installed the system.
Record any bootloader eg Chameleon DFE or Bootloader on the hard drive.This will allow you to run in the future Mac OS without using the stick.