question differs from the ultrabook laptop, occurs in many, seemingly because these devices are sometimes difficult to distinguish.In fact the differences are many.Ultrabooks have the right to be called only devices that meet the following criteria:

- thickness of not more than 2,1sm.when a screen diagonal of 14 inches and no more than 1, a diagonal smaller;

- ultrabook weight does not exceed 1.5 kg., While the average laptop weighs 2-3kg .;

- processor Intel.At the same time it should allocate a minimum amount of energy as heat.This makes it possible to remove from the body kulernuyu bulky cooling system.However, for this reason, processors Ultrabook performance may be significantly inferior to the laptop's processor;

- ultrabook battery life should be at
least 5 hours.However, in practice it often is much less.

addition Ultrabooks usually do not have the DVD-drive.The material for the production of housing for Ultrabooks is a high-quality aluminum or fiberglass.As the glass used for the monitor with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.
also Ultrabooks besides the usual hard disks can often find modern SSD drives that have a high work rate.

By cons ultrabooks include a small number of built-in ports, including USB, as well as the high price.You can usually 2 times cheaper to buy a laptop with the same capacity.The price of ultrabooks bite due to the use of expensive parts, and because of their relatively small spread.

date of birth can be called Ultrabooks 2008. When Apple Inc. released the MacBook Air.He conquered the audience with his elegant, ultrathin design.After this, other companies have begun to lead the development of such devices.«Ultrabook» is a registered trademark of Intel.Therefore, the name can only wear the device, created on the basis of the components of the company.

As you can see, there are a significant number of differences between a laptop and ultrabook.Many enjoy the stylish design of ultrabooks and for this they even sacrifice performance.Others still prefer to opt for higher performance for less money.In any case, with such a vast selection of modern electronics in the market, one can choose the best option to fit your needs.