technical reasons

to determine the cause of the malfunction reception Wi-Fi signal is to find out whether the netbook is able to take the signal.This refers to a few cases.As is known to a particular device can receive the signal Wi-Fi, it should have an appropriate receiver of the signal.If that is not a netbook, the transmission of data over a wireless network is not possible.

Open the control panel of your netbook OS and go to "Device Manager".A window with a list of all devices of the netbook.Locate the bottom of the list of a device group called "Network Adapters" and click on the triangle to unfold a list of equipment in the group.Among all installed network adapters, find the adapter that has in its name the word «Wireless».If such a device has the string and showing it in the list, it
is not marked in yellow, then your notebook is able to receive signals of Wi-Fi.If the device is not listed, it means that your notebook is not able to receive the signal Wi-Fi.The only way out of this situation - it is the purchase of an external receiver connected to the netbook via USB-port.

Software Causes

If the hardware receiver in the device manager is marked in yellow, the receiver is not working.Right click on the line with this device, open the context menu.Determine whether there is a list of menu options select "Enable."If the item is, click on it and the receiver is turned on.Next is to check the efficiency of the device.If the item "Enable" is not, you will need to install hardware drivers receiver Wi-Fi.To do this, you first need to download these drivers from the Internet.Today, all manufacturers of computer hardware drivers to the spread of devices produced on their official websites.Go to the website of the manufacturer of your netbook and download drivers NIC Wireless.Then you can proceed to the installation of this equipment by clicking the "Install Driver" in the "Properties" of the equipment.Next, the setup wizard will ask the way to the location of previously drivers and install them.After the installation process is to restart the computer and test the functionality of the receiver Wi-Fi, trying to connect to a local network.