Strictly speaking, hibernation is not a term, a concept that unifies the number of actions and features of the subject.The word "hibernation" has different meanings today.

In biology

In terms of biology and medicine hibernation - a complex process of slow metabolism, in which the energy is spent just to maintain his life.Hibernate is a daily, seasonal and irregular.The daily observed mainly in bats and hummingbirds.

seasonal hibernation or sleep, there is insectivorous and rodents, as well as some of the large mammals, such as:
- Bear,
- badger,
- raccoon.

Finally, irregular sleep.This process occurs in adverse conditions, it is characteristic of proteins and raccoon dogs.
sleep duration varies from a couple of days to several months, depending on t
he ambient temperature, as well as the favorable or unfavorable conditions of the world.

In the technical field

On the other hand, if we consider the computer field, under the "hibernation" refers to hibernate the computer, that is a condition where the memory stores information before shutting down the computer.Most everything in the sleep mode translate tablets and laptops, forced hibernation mode is not typical desktop computer. Hibernate created artificially for the gadget, a computer or other electronic device to work longer and do not require recharging. In this mode completely stops power supply to the unit, but, nevertheless, the user data, including unprotected, are stored on the hard drive, and when re-enabled device, you can easily continue their work.

The advantages of the use of hibernation should include performance and automation PC.A computer alone will save the information and exit.The disadvantages also should include the use of a large amount of memory and the potential problems associated with the use of the functions of the device.
Hibernate uses a large amount of RAM, but because of virus outbreaks quickly "give up" the contents of the PC malware.
As can be seen, hibernation is complex and at the same time a unique process, both in natural and in an artificial environment.If you compare the two faces of one thing we can say that the phenomenon created by nature is amazing and unique, and though a person tries to solve the mystery of this ability to a programmable sleep, he can not always do wonders to which nature is capable.