computer does not start

As a rule, this problem is related to the absence or lack of power supply.Check the source of electricity and connecting the computer to the network.If you can not run a check for problems with connecting your computer to another wall socket and another device (if using a stabilizer or filter).Mounted on the motherboard voltage indicator.Remove the left cover of the system unit and check whether the indicator lights.If you do not shine, to begin with, replace the power supply.

screen is blank

One of the main reasons for this problem is a connection failure of the system unit and monitor.Make sure the connection of the monitor and properly plugged in.If you have a laptop, you should consult a specialist, because the cause
of the fault are usually worn wires laid inside the case.

Another reason may be an incorrect operation of the operating system or software.Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, in Task Manager, select "New Task / execute."Enter the command explorer.exe and click OK.If the contents of the desktop appears, check your computer for viruses, and registry keys for validity.If you do not boot into Windows, use a recovery disc.

computer freezes

In this case, the only way out - it's a reboot, in which there is a risk of loss of unsaved data.The reason may be a lack of hang-RAM, overheating CPU or hard drive, and video card, damage or absence of files or virus activity.Clean the inside of the system unit, fans, radiators dust.Go to the menu "Properties" under "My Computer."Then successively press the "Advanced" - "Startup and Recovery" - "Settings" and uncheck perform automatic reload.When displaying a blue screen error code rewrite.Scan your computer for viruses.

computer slow

Clean your hard drive of unnecessary files.Please use the external hard drive to store files.This frees up additional disk space for the needs of the computer operating system.Including regular registry scan.Make sure that you have installed and functioning anti-virus program and a firewall.

Extraneous sounds

Check cooling fan on serviceability.In that case, if the fan is operating normally, the other sounds are likely to testify about the hardware failure.Noise is often accompanied by the failure of the hard drive, so spend the backup procedure.