Tip 1: How to copy a hard drive in a laptop

To copy data from the hard disk laptop use different methods.The easiest way - is to connect a computer to a mobile external hard drive.Unfortunately, these drives are not all users.
you need
  • - Partition Manager;
  • - adapter IDE.
If your disposal there is a stationary computer, connect the laptop hard drive.Remove the hard drive from a mobile computer, open the desired compartment cover.Find out the type of interface device.To connect to the motherboard IDE ports are commonly used and SATA.
to connect the IDE-hard drive requires a special adapter.It is a compound of the data bus and power cables in the general interface.If laptop hard disk is installed with the port SATA, simply connect it to the same channel of a desktop computer.
Turn on the PC and hold F8.Select the hard drive to boot.Install Partition Manager.Restart your computer and run this utility.
Remove multiple partitions hard disk.Be sure to save your important files beforehand.Now open t
he tab "Wizard" and select "Copy Hard Disk."
the new window choose laptop hard drive and click "Next".Specify the unallocated space of the hard drive of a desktop computer.Its size must be less than the volume of the mobile computer hard drive.Once again, click "Next".
Close the settings menu.Click the "Change" and then click "Apply".The process of copying the hard disk may take several hours.Restart your computer after completion.
Restart the program Partition Manager.Create a new partition on your hard drive.To do this, use the space remaining after copying information.
This procedure can be performed with external hard drives.To do this, connect the device to a laptop via the eSATA port or USB.

Tip 2: How to copy a hard drive

Hard disk , installed in the computer when buying very soon overflowed and must be replaced in the larger one.After installing a new drive and there is a problem transferring data, which can be solved by using an additional device.
After installing a new hard disk is a problem transferring data
So, before you is a computer or laptop with installed new hard drive th and old drive , it is suitable for operation, but no date of-this small volume, is nearby.To copy the information you need an external case for HDD - a device that allows you to use the hard drive as an external USB drive.
order not to delve into the design features of the model, your hard drive but take it with you to the computer store and ask you to pick up for him the outer casing.If you have a hard drive from the laptop, the cost of the outer shell will be 200 - 300 p., And if you need housing for the hard disk but on a desktop computer, then you have to spend from 700 to 1500 rubles.
After the housing will be bought, can be inserted into a drive and connected to a computer via a USB cable, which comes with an external enclosure.The operating system of your computer detect the hard disk as a USB device, and you will have access to all the data stored on it.Now you are ready to copy data to a new drive .Once all the information is copied, the old hard drive can format and use it as extra storage space for files.


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