you need
  • - laptop;
  • - User's Guide;
  • - Utility Toshiba HDD Protector.
In most cases, to disable the function Fn pressing both Fn + NumLock.However, depending on the manufacturer of the notebook may be used and other keyboard shortcuts.And in some cases, to solve this problem, you must install a special utility or deactivate the Fn key in the BIOS.
If you purchased a laptop from the manufacturer HP, then disable the function Fn you will have to disable it in the BIOS.To do this, when you turn on the laptop, hold down F2 or Del (depending on model).Sometimes used for this purpose press F10 o
r Esc.If you enter the BIOS fails, look for information on the motherboard in the "User's Guide".
To move through the BIOS, use the arrow keys "Left" / "Right" / "Up" / "Down".Go to the System Configuration tab and select the Action Keys Mode.The function is enabled by default - the switch is set to Enabled.Change the value to Disabled, and then press F10 to save and exit the BIOS.
To disable the function Fn notebooks Toshiba, use the utility HDD Protector.The program has a Russian interface.You can download it for free from the manufacturer of the laptop.Launch the application and click the "Optimization".Click on the label "Accessibility" and the pop-up window, uncheck the "Use key Fn-StickyKey».