you need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - new matrix.
Start by choosing a new display.In most cases, you can set the model matrix, the characteristics of which exceed the parameters of the old display.If you do not live in the city, the only right solution for you - order the item online.Make this process by selecting the appropriate online store.Making sure that the new matrix is ​​suitable for use with your mobile computer.This information is available on the website of the manufacturer of the laptop.
If you are not sure about the compatibility of the selected matrix with a laptop, it is better to buy an identical model.Pay particular attention to the manufacturer's display.Identical models created by different companies can be endowed with different
chips.Always make sure that the matrix used in the desired type of illumination (LED or CCFL).
Most likely, you will not have to completely disassemble your mobile computer.Turn off the laptop and open it.Remove the rubber gaskets to prevent a collision with the body of the matrix device.Under them will be located screws supporting frame matrix.Carefully loosen them.Sometimes additional mounting screws may be in the lower corners of the frame.Do not forget to remove them.
Remove the outer frame and carefully remove the old matrix.Disconnect the cables from it coming from the system board.Do not pull them out of the body so as not to damage the data cable.Put aside the old matrix and connect to the new display loops.This process does not take long.Usually, you need to connect two or three loops.
Install the frame and secure it with screws.Replace the rubber gasket in the socket.Turn on your computer and test the new display.