After installing the operating system, run your laptop ASUS, pressing the power button.Wait for the operating system and set the driver disc that came with the device.
If you own a netbook, which does not have a disk drive, or your vehicle driver was lost, go to the official ASUS website to download the necessary files.Click on the "Support" section of the resource.The proposed text box, type the name of the notebook model and wait for the results.Download the available drivers for your operating system version.
After starting the installation files to wait for the menu with which you can install all the necessary drivers.Using the interface, set the desired program and utilities for working with comp
uter devices.If the application for configuring the laptop had been downloaded from the Internet, in turn, run each of them to install all the necessary packages.
After you install the necessary files, restart your computer.Now, to activate additional keys that are present on the laptop, and configure the energy saving and the issuance of the notification about the status of the device, install the utilities ASUS ATK, which is also available on disk or is available for download from the official site of the manufacturer.Typically, a package of tools to work with a laptop called ATK Package.Install all program called ATK, and make your installation program Wireless Console, is responsible for issuing notifications on the operation interface of wireless networks.
Perform installation ASUS Live Frame to configure the webcam and the utility for power management equipment Power4Gear.If you wish, you can also install the ASUS Splendid and other programs available in the site menu or disc.
After installing all the software again, restart your computer to apply the modified settings.Hardware Setup laptop to work with the operating system is complete and you are ready to complete the work with the device.