Learn specifications comparable mobile computers.It is best to prepare in advance a table, which will include the necessary items.Note parameters CPU.Find out the number of cores and clock speed.Some manufacturers use the technology Hyper-Treading.With the help of emulators are processor cores, iein fact, it has two processor cores, and the system identifies four.
performance of processors is increased by 20-30% depending on the number of applications and their type.Intel's CPU with Hyper-Treading will run slightly faster than the AMD processor with similar characteristics.Consider this factor when compared to CPUs installed in different notebooks.
next important parameter - the amount of RAM and its performance.Many people only pay attention to the amount of RAM.This is not the right approach
.First, find out what type of memory used.Cards DDR3 run much faster than their predecessors.Pay attention to the clock frequency of the memory modules.Specify whether the board work in dual channel mode.This factor strongly influences the overall performance of the mobile computer.
compare video cards installed.At the same time analyze only those features and functions that you'll actually use.Many video card, for example, supports 3D-image.This feature is absolutely indifferent to the majority of users.But such video card will cost a bit more expensive than similar models without this feature.
Rate the appearance of mobile computers, convenience key layout, the availability of specific ports for connecting external devices and their location.Sometimes it's very important features.For example, if the notebook contains only two ports USB, located next to each other, then you are unlikely to be able to easily connect USB-modem and computer mouse simultaneously.