you need
  • program to work with hard drives, for example, Acronis Dick Director Home.
Currently, there are a lot of programs designed to work with disk partitions.They are similar in functionality, but differ in certain features and interface design.Consider removing the hidden partition on the example of one of the most popular means of - Acronis Dick Director Home.First of all, you need to download and install the program on your laptop.The program is completely in Ru
ssian.After installation, you need to run it.After a few seconds you'll get the main menu.
In the window you will see a list of all your hard disks and partitions.From above they are displayed in a list, which shows: the type, capacity, and file system activity.And from the bottom - in graphical form, with a clear display of used and free space.Among these sections you need to find hidden.To do this, you can open the shortcut "My Computer" and see which sections are working.They are usually from one to two or three.(C - system, D - usually user profile information).In the Acronis Dick Director Home, select the section that you can see in the program but is not visible in the "My Computer" - he most likely will be a hidden partition.
Be careful, if your laptop is Windows 7 operating system!In this case, in the Acronis Dick Director Home you will see the following section: "Reserved by the system (partition letter)."This system partition that contains the boot area!Its just not visible in the "My Computer", but you can not delete it!Its volume is 100 megabytes.
Once hidden partition is found, click on it once with the left mouse button.On the left menu will be operations that are available for this section.Among them, select "Delete Volume."In the window that appears, click "OK".
must then apply the operation.In the upper left corner of the main window, click "Apply the planned operation."In the window that opens, click continue.After some time, the program window will appear with notification that all transactions are completed.Click OK.Hidden partition no longer exists.Further, if desired, in place of the hidden partition can create one or the user to attach it to one of the existing ones.