you need
  • - ethernet-cable UTP-5e certain length
  • - 2 RJ-45 connector
  • - tool for crimping connectors
Run the cable between thelaptops.Strip about three centimeters of the top of the cable insulation.Place the thin wires on one end of the cable in the order of "BO, O, BR, C, BS, H, BC, K";and the other in the order of "BR, W, BW, C, BS, Oh, BK, K".Where "O" - means the orange cable "Z" - green, "C" - blue "K" - Brown.The letter "B" means that it is a white cable with colored stripes second letter.Clamp the wiring in the arm and the way they put on the connector so that the metal contacts of the connector looked up.Make sure that each wire fell into its connector guide.Check the location of the wires and squeeze connector crimping tool.Do the same for
the other end of the cable.Connect both cables to the ethernet-ports of notebook computers.
Configure network cards laptops.To do this, open the "Control Panel" and double-click the "Network Connections".Right-click on the label "Local Area Connection" and in the dropdown menu, select "Properties".The components used, open the properties of the Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).Assign an IP address laptops «» and «».Subnet Mask Assign «».

Assign a working group of both laptops.Open label "System" in the "Control Panel."Switch to the tab "Computer Name".Set both computers in the workgroup.«Workgroup».Computer Name set arbitrarily.
Open access to folders laptops that need to be shared.To do this in Windows Explorer, open the folder's properties, and on the "access" check the box "share a folder".Laptops will be visible in the "network neighborhood" of each other.