Tip 1: How to choose a notebook stand

Some laptops are endowed with relatively weak cooling system.This is because the powerful coolers consume a lot of energy and reduce the battery life.To provide additional cooling of the mobile computer is recommended to use a footrest.
When choosing a notebook stand is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances.Start by determining the type of an accessory with which you will be comfortable to work.
If you often keep a laptop on your lap, get a soft stand, which is located inside a special filler.This accessory provides a comfortable fit with a laptop, but is unlikely to significantly reduce the temperature of the computer.
To set the notebook on a table purchase rigid stand.Some models may be present with a vent to obtain a stable ambient air.
How to choose a notebook stand
More expensive models are equipped with additional supports coolers.Get this accessory if you use a mobile computer for games.External fans are able to significantly lower the temperature of the notebook, wh
ich will help to avoid overheating.
Remember that the quality of cooling depends on the material of construction of the stand.In this case, aluminum products is much better than the plastic counterparts.The obvious negative of such stands - quite a lot of weight.
Pay attention to the possibility of folding accessory and change the angle of the tabletop.The presence of these features will not only achieve maximum comfort with a laptop, but also facilitate the transportation of the cooling element.
When choosing a mobile computer stand sure to check dimensions.Remember that mobile computer should be based on the table legs and is not adjacent to her whole body.
Some stand endowed with USB-ports.This allows you to compensate for the same mobile computer terminal, which is connected fans.Pay attention to this, especially if you are constantly connected to the notebook peripherals.

Tip 2: How to Choose a Laptop Cooling Pad

overheating notebook can cause a number of serious problems, starting with an unresponsive system and ending with the release of parts of the system.To avoid such problems and prolong the life of the device, it is recommended to use a special cooling stand.
How to Choose a Laptop Cooling Pad

Fundamentals selection Laptop Cooling Pad

First select the type of device.Stands are divided into two main types: active and passive cooling.In the first case, the equipment reduces the temperature by using built-cooler, while the second type models have their own fans.If your laptop is overheating badly, prefer the first option.If you only need to maintain the optimum temperature, enough to be a model with passive cooling.

When you select the appropriate device type, note its size.If the stand is too small, it will not be able to provide effective cooling of the laptop.Too large models as inappropriate - for the most part they will be idle.Should choose a stand that size it is ideal for your laptop.

draw attention to two important interrelated criteria - the noise and power of the device.The higher the capacity of the coolers in the stand for a laptop, the more effective they will be cooled equipment.On the other hand, high speed can lead to increased noise, which publishes fans.If your laptop does not overheat too much, it should give preference to the middle.In the case when it is necessary to significantly reduce the temperature of the device, it is appropriate to buy the stand with a very powerful cooler, even if they work quite noisy.

Laptop Cooling Pad: additional nuances

Remember that a large number of fans is not yet a sign that the device is of high quality.The best option - Stand with 1-2 powerful cooler.Products with 4 or more fans, each of which has a relatively low power, will be less effective.Moreover, the use of a laptop would not too comfortable due to the high noise level.

Do not ignore such criteria as design Laptop Cooling Pad.Of course, the design specifications are important, but this does not mean that design can never pay attention.Among the many modern coasters you can easily find one that will fit perfectly with your notebook model.Moreover, it offers a model with LED backlighting and other additional elements that can not only improve the design of cooling pad, and the equipment to do more functional and easy to use.


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