How to handle battery laptop

Recent studies have shown that the laptop battery is not necessary to charge one hundred percent of its capacity.It is better to stop the process at eighty percent, and to start when the battery level drops to forty.

This strategy greatly increases the battery life, in some cases - more than three or four times.It's all basically work the lithium-polymer battery.Are close to the maximum voltage level of the battery wears out much faster, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of charging cycles, and this in turn reduces the capacity of the battery.

Battery University researchers conducted a series of experiments have confirmed this statement.If you regularly charge the battery up to one hundred percent, without reducing capacity it generates three to five hundred cycles.And if you l
imit the "ceiling" of seventy percent, the number of full cycles may increase to two thousand.

The problem is that to maintain a specified range of battery is difficult.Continuing to follow this very uncomfortable, and relevant programs for popular operating systems, unfortunately, do not exist.Some manufacturers make laptops with built-in software, which partially fulfills these functions, but generally such security is limited only by the extent to which the laptop can be discharged (in the region of twenty percent of the battery capacity), the upper limit to do something is not accepted.

One of the outputs can serve as a measurement of the time it takes to charge and discharge the battery to the correct level.After that, any timer that supports the notification system will help control the process of replenishing the battery to the correct level.

How to maintain a charge

If we talk about maintaining the battery charge during operation, there are some actions you can take for this.Firstly, when disconnecting the laptop from the network necessarily translate into economic or battery optimized mode, dig into the settings, you may be able to "painless" for themselves further reduce the brightness of the monitor, which significantly extend the life of the laptop battery.Second, reduce the work of the hard disk to a minimum, this can be achieved by using defragmentation, which optimizes its active work.Defragmentation can be done using the built-in program.