Proper installation tablet

Examine the packaging plate.Perhaps it has a boot disk with the necessary programs and services to successfully connect the device to the computer.In addition, the tablet must be accompanied by a user guide, which identifies particular data organization.

Find out what system configuration is sufficient for a successful connection to the tablet computer.Perhaps your computer or laptop is outdated and does not communicate with a device such as a tablet.In this case, you must update the configuration to the specified minimum requirements.

Check the USB-cable.Perhaps it is cracked or tears, and therefore the connection between the two devices is not installed.Replace with a new cable.Also make sure the slot USB, which you connect the tablet is in working condition.You ca
n find this out by connecting the tablet to a free slot.

System Setup

Quit all unnecessary programs and processes in the system currently running, pressing the key combination «Ctrl + Alt + Del».Often they take a lot of resources, and therefore the operation of the system slows down, and the definition of a computer connected device takes too much time.Turn off the firewall or anti-virus system, since these programs often block the connection of new devices, considering the process is suspect.

Connect the tablet to the computer and note the taskbar.It should appear icon, informing that the system detected a new device.Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.Make sure you have an active Internet connection, because the system may try to download the missing drivers on the network.If you connect the tablet icon in the taskbar does not appear, click Provo click on the icon "My Computer" and select "System Properties."Next, run the "Device Manager" and look for the list of the new unnamed device.Click on it and go through the procedure to install drivers manually.

Contact your manufacturer's technical support tablet through the contact details provided in the manual.You can also write to the technical support of the operating system on its official site if you think is the problem with it.