When purchasing a laptop it is necessary to think not only about the characteristics of his "iron", the ability to perform the necessary actions, but also the operating system, you (or it-specialist) put on your new gadget (or that there will be pre-installed by the manufacturer).

Firstly, we must remember that there is no good or bad OS, there are suitable for your purposes and inappropriate.The most common modern operating systems (Linux, Windows and Mac OS) has an intuitive interface for the user and does not represent special difficulties to get used to all of them.

Secondly, it is not necessary to choose the operating system of advertising to the developers.Of course, to sell your product, everyone will say that it is beautiful and comfortable, but the user must approach the acquisition of each product so as not to spend unneces

sary amounts received in this comfortable and functional software.A typical example of the wrong approach - buy a laptop with Windows and Mac OS, because for many tasks much easier to put a free Linux, which is considered to be more stable system and very little prone to virus attacks.

So, before settling on a specific operating system, a sober look at their own needs.If you need a laptop for work on the Internet, use of office software package, working with videos and photos, as well as recreational surfing the Internet, you should choose Linux.It will not go the usual "vindovskie" toys, but under Linux have their own games, which will be no less exciting and beautiful.

If you opponent Linux because corny accustomed to Windows, I want to note that the current window interface Linux is very similar to the usual OS you as well as for Linux have been many programs similar to "vindovskim."An additional advantage - you do not have to pay tens of thousands of rubles for Windows or Mac OS and application packages for work or play.

Helpful Hint: remember that, despite the fact that some craftsmen put Mac OS on any PC or laptop, it is forbidden by the manufacturer.Mac OS can stand only on a PC or laptop from Apple.