you need
  • - adhesive;
  • - clay;
  • - epoxy resin.
Prior to try on their own to deal with the cause of failure.You must also carefully examine the entire keyboard, not to miss formed due to breakage of the plastic waste.Small pieces of plastic can be spread over the entire area of ​​the front of the notebook and cause a new unpleasant incident.
Inspect button, which is in need of urgent repair.If she just broke from hitting or pushing too hard, then you need to carefully separate it and try to glue the pieces together using molecular glue.Do not perform this step directly on the laptop.One wrong move - and got on th
e scheme contact adhesive keyboard will bring down the entire computer, and then it necessarily will have to bear in the service.A repair corrupt so the keyboard - it is very expensive.
Examine button and specifying the material from which made its basis, proceed to diagnose the state of the contact, which is responsible for the timely and pressing the data system of the computer while using the keyboard.If the button itself is not reversed, the contact must be carefully separated from the basics, and then cleaned and wipe with a dry cloth.
Purchase a new button in the specialty store and install it instead of destroying the old one.If you find a similar button is not possible, you can do it with his own hands.To do this, create an exact copy of the form key keyboard laptop from clay, and then fill it with epoxy.Before the resin dries, you need to accurately and quickly attach a new touch to the button and wait for a while.
Deal upper surface with fine sandpaper, in order to avoid irregularities.