top of the notebook is multifunctional: closed, it protects your computer from external influences;open - a monitor for work and screen for watching movies.Adjust the brightness of the monitor, you can use the keyboard.As a rule, it has a special button with the image of "the sun."Click on them, adjusting the light and dark contrasts monitora.Vremenno turn off the image on the monitor as possible on the keyboard by pressing a special button.On the Asus notebooks is a cross placed in a square screen.Activate these buttons you can while pressing «Fn».
you want to suspend the activities of the laptop.To reduce power consumption and save the life of the monitor, close the lid computer.At the same time pay attention to the setting, either your computer will continue to work with the lid closed (eg, to play music files), or go into "sleep mode".You can adjust the settings in a special folder.Enter the "Start" menu.Select "Control Panel".
find the label of "Screen", open it by clicking two cutting left mouse button or the right button, select the context menu option "Open".
menu "Display" tab, find the "Screen Saver."Here you can adjust, how long after termination of the monitor "falls asleep", including headband, power-saving.
Click on the "Power" button.Look at the menu "Power Buttons".Before you string functions "When closing the lid of the portable computer:".Select the appropriate option for you.Or when you close the cover of the computer will not stop and open applications (including Internet) continue to function, or the computer goes into standby mode.In this case the computer is turned on, but stops the operation of all applications, and hard disks, as well as significantly reduced power consumption.In standby mode, the laptop can be disconnected from the network for a few hours.
Select the function that will be activated when you close the lid, press the "Apply" and "OK."