you need
  • Laptop, cleaner, small piece of cloth, screwdriver "+".
To clean the keyboard , it is necessary first of all to remove it.Do not forget that important matter and failure to comply with the rules of procedure of dismantling the slightest lead to the loss of its efficiency.To remove the keyboard, use a small screwdriver "+" and a thin object, for example, card payment service of the cellular operator.
must first remove the top panel, which is located above the function keys.The problem is that it is not screwed and fastened to the latch.Use any small object with a thin (card payment, as suggested earlier), inset any edge (on the right side or the left side) and gently lift the top cover.Once you disconn
ect the latch at one end, all other tabs will be opened easily.
After the top cover must be removed very keyboard, most often fastened by several screws to the body of the laptop.Remove it with a Phillips screwdriver.Now the keyboard can be moved closer to the monitor or is completely put on a monitor, depending on the manufacturer and model of the laptop.
only tricky if you disconnect the keyboard from the laptop case is a trail, with which the motherboard and keyboard have a message.In the loop there is a small stop-lock, if not removed, it can damage the trail that will lead to a hike in the service or buy a new keyboard.There are 2 types of locks on the train, one should be lifted slightly, and the need to take the other side.
Now, when the keyboard is successfully dismantled, it can be washed.Wash the keyboard (not in the literal sense of the word), wipe it with a damp cloth dipped in a solution of water and detergent.For detergent use any modern powder for washing dishes.It is necessary to make a weak solution of water and washing facilities.
After cleaning the keyboard do not forget to dry and mount in reverse order.