Why "hangs"

laptop computer, notebook, netbook may falter in some cases.For example, one of the problems is the overheating of the system unit.Check the temperature of the heat sink can be a simple touch of the palm to the system unit, but it can be burned, and even get an electric shock.Therefore it is best to install a special program on a laptop to diagnose all processes.For example, a well-proven in this application Everest.

Constant Remove Programs heavily pollute the register memory, leave the so-called "tails", which, in turn, adversely affect the operation of your computer.

serious obstacle laptop may different viruses and spyware application that is usually established during visits to the Internet and when downloading software.

negative effects on the laptop and outdated drivers and overlo
aded hard drive, simultaneous operation of multiple programs.Problems with the hardware can also affect the speed of your computer.

All problems can be solved

Naturally, every problem that causes the failure of the laptop must be eliminated.Substantial assistance in this special program and provide regular maintenance.

Remember that a laptop like any computer needs to be cleaned from dust, preventing overheating of the system unit, etc.

To avoid penetration unit for the system scary virus and spyware applications, be sure to set Firewall Windows, firewall, anti-virus.It is also useful to launch an additional monthly utility to find and remove trojans, worms, etc.For example, in this regard are proven free application scanners from manufacturers of antivirus Kaspersky, DoctorWeb and others. advantage of these tools is that they do not conflict with already installed Antivirus and provide additional protection for your computer.

for a clear, well-coordinated work of the laptop you need to regularly clean the system from the "garbage": registry errors, a variety of useless files, which keeps the computer.Naturally, to find and identify yourself, you need a particular file laptop is difficult.But this task perfectly cope special program.For example, perfectly solves the problem of garbage disposal system free utility Scleane. After cleaning is useful to defragment the hard drive, which also helps to speed up the work of the laptop.

comprehensive service system to help run special applications that are able to remove the debris and the system and defragment disks and optimize the system to spend, and if necessary - to speed up the Internet connection and update drivers.Among the useful programs - Auslogics BoostSpeed, Uniblue PowerSuite and many others.