try to understand how to choose a laptop.To successfully accomplish this task, we must first determine the answer to the simple question: what problems will be solved with the help of a laptop?

  1. If you browse the Web, reading books, viewing photos and films with a moderate image quality, then this set of functions is called the base, and their implementation will suit a budget netbook or tablet computer.Pros Netbook: small and lightweight (it is convenient to carry around everywhere).Disadvantages arise from the pros: small screen does not allow a long time to work comfortably with the device, and a small keyboard is inconvenient to enter text.However, usually the owners of such devices and does not require you to enter text in hundre
    ds of thousands of characters.As for the Tablet PC, then enter the text with their help even more difficult, because they are deprived of the keyboard.But the touchscreen is suitable for surfing and watching videos.

  2. If the mobile computer needs to work with graphics or video games today, it is a key parameter becomes power.This laptop will not be small and light, the size of it is close to a desktop computer.Display 15 or even 17 inches, large memory, powerful modern processor, high price.

  3. If you want to choose a laptop for watching movies in comfort and listen to music, look at the multimedia model.Excessive CPU power is required, which has a positive effect on the price.

  4. Notebook director or senior manager of the company, which is used to travel for presentations and working with documents, should be in addition to the technical parameters have an impressive image component.Thin and light notebooks branding can have a wide range of features, however, in any case, a technical plan for these tasks they handle.

  5. laptop to work with office applications - the average size is convenient for work, average power and low price, distinguishing business notebooks, as well as thin and light model.