Tip 1: What is a netbook, and what he can do

computer manufacturers are trying to meet all the demands of customers, so regularly introduce new samples of their products.After the usual desktop computer laptop appeared, and then the netbook, designed to facilitate the users to access the Internet.

The term "netbook" was proposed by Intel - the so-became known as small laptop with a simplified construction.In particular, they provided no DVD-ROM drive, making it possible to reduce their size.Small weight and small dimensions allow netbook easily fit in a bag or briefcase.The main purpose of the device, as you might guess from its name, is to work on the Internet.

most netbooks Screen size is 10 to 11.6 inches, it is enough for comfortable viewing pages on the Internet.Connecting to the network can be carried out in different ways - through a USB-modem, Wi-Fi, LAN.Through the use of wireless netbook owners can go online from anywhere with a cellular connection, or have access Wi-Fi.Many models have a BlueTooth.

Netbooks are equipped with har
d drives up to 1TB, but more often volume is 250-320 GB.It is enough for comfortable work, and save the necessary information and files, including movies, music, e-books, photographs.

Most netbooks running the operating system Windows, but produced a lot of models with pre-installed Linux.There are netbooks with the popular Android operating system from Google and iOS from Apple.

Features netbook can solve most of the traditional tasks, namely, work with texts, photos, watch videos, listen to music.It can be quite comfortable to play various video games.But the main purpose of this device is the Internet.The netbook consumes a small amount of power, charge the battery lasts for 5-7 hours surfing the net.It was a long battery life is a major advantage netbook over a laptop.

The main drawback is the lack of a netbook built-in DVD-drive.But it is possible to connect an external drive, allowing you to watch movies from the CD-ROM drive, install programs, copy the necessary files.To transfer information, and use the stick.In many cases, the netbook is comfortable and functional laptop, not to mention the desktop.

Tip 2: Notebook or netbook - What to choose?

Laptops and notebooks belong to the category of portable computers that can work when connected to a network, and if you are offline.This feature is useful for people who use computers not only at home but also at work, or traveling.
Laptop or netbook - What to choose?

Notebooks and netbooks

Laptop is a complete copy of the desktop computer system.The equipment, which is installed in the enclosures of today's notebooks, the performance can be a desktop PC.However, the cost of portable computers is slightly higher because of the design features and components installed in the enclosure.

netbook - a more compact solution.It has a much smaller size and is intended primarily for use on the Internet, which is incorporated in its name.These devices have a small diagonal display and a smaller keyboard than with laptops. The reduction achieved through the removal of the keyboard section of Num Lock, which is normally present in the full-size keyboard.

Benefits netbooks

choose laptop or netbook is guided by the tasks that you are going to perform on the device, and the requirements that you are bringing to the portability and battery life.

Netbooks are more mobile, they are easy to transfer because they have less weight and take up a small amount of space, from which can be placed in an ordinary bag or small backpack.If you are critical parameters is the weight and size of the device, a netbook would be the best choice.

Another advantage of netbooks is worth noting their battery life without recharging.Most new models of netbooks are able to work more than 4 hours of battery life, which for full-fledged notebook is a rarity.So, if you frequently edit Office documents or doing web browsing in an environment where to connect the charger fails, the netbook will also be the best solution.

Disadvantages netbooks

However, you should pay attention to the fact that the increase in battery life between charges is achieved by degradation of equipment.Typically, the processor netbooks is only suitable for browsing the web and editing documents.The most powerful models can play videos in the format to 720p.The netbook is not a discrete graphics card, which makes it possible to run graphical applications that require Bole-less powerful graphics card.Equipment netbook is set to power saving mode. netbooks missing disk drive, which is also unacceptable, if you often work with laser data carriers.

Pros laptops

If you often do view video in high quality, your work is connected with the launch of a large number of demanding applications (such as software for three-dimensional modeling and graphical editing), you like to play in modern computer gamesthe best choice would be a laptop.

advantage is sufficiently large display, easy-to-view movies, there are several video and audio outputs, which allow you to connect multiple external monitors.The laptop has a larger number of available interfaces (USB, LAN).


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