you need
  • - screwdriver.
Prepare your work surface so as to prevent the loss of small parts.Shut down the computer, unplug it from the power supply, remove the battery.
Remove caps from special fastener body matrix, this gently pry them with a screwdriver or other similar object.Save them not to lose in the future.The same applies to all the small details of the notebook.
Remove the cover fasteners on the back of the computer.Disconnect the cables available in the device, remove the attachment from the keyboard and remove it by disconnecting the cable from the system board.Remove the top panel above her, prying a flat screwdriver.Be careful with this detail, because it is very easy to break, and try not to damage the edge of the notebook.Disconnect all the ca
bles connecting the monitor to the motherboard.
Loosen all the bolts with the monitor.Remove the part, if necessary, use a flathead screwdriver for this, however please note that some models can be glued around the edges, in which case you will have to use the services of the service center.If you still try to do it yourself, you may damage the wall of the body, with or without revealing the contents.
Compulsory disconnect the ribbon cable connection from the matrix while holding the base.Find a laptop inverter, this green chip that is responsible for the distribution of power monitor.It is located between the screen and the monitor backlights.Carefully disconnect the wires from it.
order to deliver the new matrix in the laptop monitor, follow the sequence in reverse order.Be extremely careful with the matrix, it is a very expensive part of the computer.