Tip 1: How to connect a laptop computer and a network

For most families, there are several computers or laptops has long been the norm.It is not surprising that many have a desire to combine all of these devices in a local area network .Sometimes this is done for the convenience of data transmission between computers, sometimes - for providing Internet access to all devices simultaneously.
you need
  • Wi-Fi adapter
  • Wi-Fi router
  • network cable
If you are dealing with a computer and a laptop, that the right decision- set up a wireless network Wi-Fi.To do this, you have two options: install the adapter in the computer or purchase a Wi-Fi router.
How to connect a computer and a laptop in
If you choose economical option and decided to purchase an adapter Wi-Fi, then you should know that there are two types of such devices.This may be Wi-Fi adapter with USB or PCI ports.The principle and the quality of work they are identical, but the USB-adapter is easy to install.Connect the adapter to the computer and install the necessary drivers and software.Click Manag
e network connections and select "Set up a new connection or network."Select "Set up a wireless ad hoc network" in the next window.Follow the steps below to create a network.
If you decide to buy a Wi-Fi router, then your actions will be as follows:
- Connect the router to your computer using a network cable.
- Switch to router mode access point Wi-Fi.
- Connect your laptop to the router via Wi-Fi.
How to connect a computer and a laptop in

Tip 2: How to connect a computer and a laptop via a router

in a situation where at your disposal there is a computer and a laptop, it is recommended to create a combined network.For this purpose, you need the Wi-Fi router (router).
How to connect a computer and a laptop via a router
you need
  • - Wi-Fi router;
  • - network cable.
Select the appropriate Wi-Fi router.To find out the characteristics of the wireless adapter on your notebook.In case you do not have your laptop manual, check the necessary information on the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop or power adapter.
Pay special attention to security protocols and types of radio transmission, which operate the acquired router and laptop wireless adapter.
Connect Wi-Fi router to AC power.Turn on the equipment.Locate on the housing channel WAN (DSL, Internet).Connect the cable to connect to the Internet.
Find port Ethernet (LAN).Connect it to the AC adapter desktop computer.Turn on the PC and launch the browser.Open the user's guide for the Wi-Fi router.Find out standard IP-address of the device.Enter this value in the browser address bar.
on the monitor screen will display the web-interface hardware settings.Go to "Network SetupĀ» (WAN, Internet Setup).Visit the pre-forum of your provider, or contact technical support.Look up the value of the menu.Enter these values.
Go to "Setting the Wi-FiĀ» (Wireless Setup, Wi-Fi Settings).Create a wireless access point.Do not forget to specify the security protocol and the type of radio signal corresponding to the wireless adapter notebook.
Save the settings.Reboot your Wi-Fi router.Connect the laptop to the newly created Wi-Fi network.
Open the network connection settings on your computer.Ask for this device a static IP-address.
Spend a similar configuration of the wireless network adapter of the notebook.To access from one device to another, press the key combination Win + R and type in the box that appears IP-address of a computer or laptop, putting the pre-two reverse sleshki "\\".


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