main ways

Decide what kind of ways to eliminate the inclusion of laptop you are more comfortable.In this regard, there are two main types: technical and program.Technical methods are directed to work with the change of the connection units of the notebook.In this case, you have to work with his hands, and the laptop will seem completely defective.Software tools are based generally on variations in process load of the notebook.This may be due both to changes in the operating system boots, and to prevent loading of device settings BIOS.

Technical means

If you need a laptop that seemed quite "dead", is the simplest and most effective way is to turn off the power scheme.This means that you have to turn off the power plug on the motherboard.However, this method is dangerous if you are not well versed in the intricacies of
the connection elements of the computer and you do not have any experience of opening the notebook.

more simple technical means are off button on your notebook or disable items such as a hard disk or RAM.Disable button will maximize mask to do the surgery, but not always enough to get close to the place of connection of a button to turn it off.Hard disk memory and a plate, usually in sight.

Remove the rear case of the notebook, using a Phillips head screwdriver.Do not give excessive force, if any part of the body is not removed.Try to unscrew all the screws and carefully remove the cover.After removing the lid of the laptop, you'll notice that you have access to the hard drive, RAM, as well as the connection of the cooling fan (cooler).Disabling of any of these elements does not allow the system to operate.


Use software disable the boot laptop if you do not want to climb into the computer.Turn on the laptop and early in his boot press F2.A window will appear with the settings BIOS.Turning to the tab Boot, you can see a list of devices that are loaded when the notebook processor.Devices in the list are arranged in order of loading.To boot the operating system does not start, click on the list with the name of the hard disk.Then press Enter.A list of devices.Select any other device in the list, or, if possible, an empty point.Press F10 to save and restart.Now loading your laptop will stop almost immediately after switching from the inability to use the hard drive.