you need
  • Laptop;
  • Laptop battery;
  • laptop power supply;
  • operating system with the ability to control;
  • profile in the system.
Right-click on the battery icon at the bottom right of the screen.This is usually the image of the battery and plug.Select "Power Options."Select the scheme "energy savings."Click on the "Setting the power scheme."
Column settings "On battery" to select the lowest value for the "Darken display" and "Turn off display".This value is usually equal to 1 minute.
for the "Put the computer to sleep mode" to select the most comfortable to you period of time.The optimal value may be "5 minutes".In the line "Set brightness" flip the switch to the lowest value.
Switch the notebook off.Carefully clean the accumulated dust from the laptop by opening the housing.Dust can interfere with co
oling and thus increase energy consumption.Be careful but do not remove the fan.
Put the fan and close the case.Turn on the computer to the network and charge the battery completely.When the battery is fully charged, the charge indicator on the front of the notebook glows green.
Turn the laptop on battery power.If the power supply circuit "Energy Saving" is not automatically selected, select it manually.To do this, press the left mouse button on the battery icon, and select "Energy Saver."