Tip 1: How to extend laptop battery life

To prolong the life of the mobile computer, this device must be properly maintained.In this case, it is not only the timely cleaning of internal components, but also on the correct operation of the battery.
average battery life of laptops is 4 years.When used incorrectly, this battery, you'll have a year to observe a significant reduction in the maximum battery charge.The first case, check the battery while buying a laptop .
To do this, connect the mobile computer to AC power and wait for the full charge of the battery.The indicator in the system tray of the operating system, should show 98-100%.If the charge is less than 97%, you're dealing with a defective battery .Do not buy a laptop with a similar battery.
Immediately after buying a mobile computer, perform several cycles of charging and discharging of the battery.Connect the battery to the notebook.Do not turn on the mobile computer.Connect the power supply to the device and wait until the battery is fully charg
Then disconnect the power cord and turn on the laptop.Use the device as long as it does not happen automatically turn off.Repeat the cycle 3-4 times.
not resource consumption of the battery unnecessarily.If you have the ability to remove the battery and connect the notebook to an AC outlet, use it.During continuous operation, using the battery take care not to be connected to the power supply until the battery charge level falls below 10%.
not store for a long time fully discharged battery.If you are planning for a long time do not use the battery, charge it up to 40-50% before removing.
Remember that helps prevent battery damage important elements of a laptop during a power surge.Do not connect the laptop to the fragile receptacles.Lack of a stable supply voltage can also cause damage to the battery.

Tip 2: How to extend laptop battery life

absolutely every owner of a portable personal computer, sooner or later confronted with the fact that the battery starts to charge and keep the bad very quickly discharged.This is very upsetting, because the laptop is designed to work in places where there is no outlet.In such cases, only one way out - to buy a new battery for your iron friend.But what should be done to ensure that this procedure was repeated as little as possible?
How to extend laptop battery life
you need
  • Owner's Manual of the notebook.
First of all, it is worth recalling that together with all laptops supplied product data, which you can find the rules of operation of your laptop.The passport contains a paragraph about battery maintenance.It lists all the rules that must be followed.They are very simple, but not all comply with them, so the battery very quickly begins to lose its quality.
After buying a new laptop do not put it directly on the charge.Let it run for a full charge to the battery.Remember that a good functionality of your laptop you need to make a purchase after 2-3 complete charge-discharge cycle of the battery.Do not store for a long time the battery is fully discharged or charged as a storage battery can cause great harm.If you do not plan to in the near future to operate the laptop, leave a charged battery about half way and remove it from the laptop.Try not to use the laptop at a temperature above 35 degrees, as it can significantly reduce battery life.It is worth noting that the use of a laptop at a critically low temperatures is not recommended.
Avoid partial charging your battery, so it reduces the service life.Always charge the battery fully.Do not also put the laptop to charge to full discharge of the battery.Remember to fully discharge the battery every 1-2 months.Do not buy batteries in reserve, as they begin to age and lose their quality immediately after purchase.Buy a new battery only when there is need for this.
also extend the life of a laptop battery will configure the processor and graphics card.The processor consumes the most energy.Especially a lot of energy eaten powerful processors.Each laptop has several types of energy saving, from which you can choose the best.Increasing the amount of RAM will also help to increase the operating time as a sufficient number of computers it will not appeal to the hard disk to allocate more virtual memory.The notebook is usually pre-installed many programs that you do not normally use.Turn them off, so they do not consume additional resources to the hard disk.You must also disable the extra features and services that you do not use, because they also consume energy in standby mode.


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