There are several ways to download antivirus for a laptop for free.The first and most obvious one - to use a trial version of a paid product.Dr.Web, Kaspersky and other antivirus market grants offer trial versions with full functionality.These delivery options programs do not require from you any costs, except for the time to download.A load of you can directly from the official site of the manufacturer.You will be protected
30-60 days, depending on the manufacturer, full-featured Antivirus.Many of them, incidentally, publish codes for renewal in various magazine about computer games and other similar computer topics.These keys often appear on Internet forums.
Just download and install absolutely free antivirus Avast or AVG.These products are almost not inferior in quality to fee-paying competitors.For home laptop it would be the perfect choice.But beware, button, download a free version and a fee may be near - read labels.
There is another way to get free paid version of the antivirus business.To do this, you need to sign up for beta testers of the developer.In particular, in this way you can get the latest version of a full-featured commercial antivirus.Find below the official website of the item "beta-testing" and read the conditions.The risk of "wet" version of the beta channel is, but it is not great.Instead, you use a paid Antivirus for free and completely legal!