Tip 1: How to measure the temperature of the notebook

For mobile computers, it is important to monitor the condition of the main device.Usually required to periodically check the temperature CPU and graphics cards, to prevent them from overheating.
you need
  • - Speccy;
  • - SpeedFan.
cause undesired rise in temperature can serve as incorrect operation laptop .Sometimes the problem lies in the deterioration of the cooling system of your computer.Install Speccy, choose the version of it that is suitable to your operating system.You can download the program from the site www.piriform.com
Run the program and go to the "central processing unit".Locate the "Temperature" and find out what you are interested in the data.If you are using a processor with multiple cores, look temperature of each core individually.Remember that in the passive mode, the CPU, its temperature must not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.
Now go to the "graphics device" and check the temperature card.In the passive mode, it must be less than 55 degre
es.If you have installed additional sensors, find out the temperatures for the motherboard and the hard disk.
In that case, if you watch the temperature rises above acceptable norms install Speed ​​Fan.Open the main menu of the utility and independently increase the speed of the blades needed coolers.To do this, set speeds as a percentage, using the field in the bottom of the window.Make sure that the temperature is normal.Do not close the program.It can undo the changes relating to the parameters of the fans.

Tip 2: How to determine the temperature of the notebook

When you work with a mobile computer, it is important to monitor the temperature of certain elements.Timely detection of overheating will prevent spoilage and extend the life of the notebook.
How to determine the temperature of the notebook
you need
  • - Everest;
  • - Speccy.
most popular program for determining the temperature of the equipment is Everest.Download this app and follow its installation.Restart the computer.
Run Everest.Wait until the scan is complete connected devices.After starting the main working window, expand the sub-menu of "Computer" and go to "Sensor."
Examine the information provided.Make sure that the temperature of the important devices of a personal computer is within acceptable limits.
If you want to use free applications, download the program from the official website Speccy developers.Install the downloaded application and run it.
Wait for the provision of information on the state of the equipment.Remember that the temperature of most devices should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius.The only exception is the CPU.This device works with a stable temperature of 60-65 degrees.Much depends on the specific CPU model.
After hardware detection, the temperature exceeds the recommended value, proceed to configuring the cooling of the mobile computer.Get the cooling pad, if you have the opportunity.
Practice shows that the use of the stand with additional fans to normalize the temperature of all elements of the PC.If this method does not help, check the quality of the fans.
Clean the cooling system of the mobile computer.To start vacuum the cooler without having to disassemble the laptop.Blow out the vents hairdryer.Naturally, it is necessary to use the cold air supply mode.
Disassemble laptop and efficiently clean all the dust from the fans.Use a cotton bud.Grease coolers if the blades do not rotate freely.
  • Download Speccy
  • temperature laptop
Helpful Hint
Clean the cooling system of the mobile computer.Remember that if you disassemble the laptop, which has not expired warranty, service centers can deny you its repair in case of breakage.In this case it is reasonable to carry out cleaning and outdoor use a special cooling stand.


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