In 1888 there was a device telegratograf, and in 1915 - the controller.Both devices complement each other.The first allows to write text with an electric pen, and the second - to recognize handwriting.In subsequent decades, these discoveries uzkonauchnyh circles appeared and then development can recognize text or enter it into a computer database.

New ideas, new opportunities

In the 60-ies of XX century, tablet computers have seen millions of viewers.The device was presented in PADD seriale1966, the "Star Trek".And in 1968 in the film by Stanley Kubrick based on works by A. Clarke "2001: A Space Odyssey" viewers saw tablet Newspad.It is interesting that in the film there is a mention about th

e use of e-paper device.Thus, at the finish of 1960s society was prepared for the emergence of new portable devices.Moreover, people have learned, what can be used in tablet PCs.

device first became available to the public KiddiComp, game pad for children.The idea put forward a leading member of Xerox PARC, Alan Kay in 1968. This year is considered to be the year of birth of the modern tablet devices.In his studies, Kay has advanced quite far and 4 years later offered the world a new version of the first tablet, calling it a Dynabook.It was designed and has an adult audience.But the idea of ​​Alan Kay did not come true.They are far ahead of existing technology at the time.

Apple has joined the active development of "tablets" in 1987.Its leader, John Scully described the idea of ​​a tablet Knowledge Navigator, as an individual electronic assistant.The idea was that such a device enabled the owner to have access to global network anywhere and at any time.After 6 years after the survey Apple company introduced the audience machine MessagePad Newton, similar in functionality with modern gadgets.Home

commercial developments

idea of ​​creating a compact device to access news captured and private companies, and international organizations.The European Union is under the influence of which has already become a bestseller book Clark put forward the initiative to create an electronic device Acom NewsPAD.

this model is considered to be the first commercial tablet device.All models are created before him were only conceptual operating time.However, he survived the first tablet on sale not long, only 3 years, after which the project was abandoned.

Its successor models were endowed with broader functionality.Introduced in 1996 Tablet PC DEC Lectrice was already equipped with a monochrome screen and touch stylus for comfortable operation.In such a device, it was convenient not only to type the text, but read.With these capabilities DEC Lectrice considered as the ancestor of e-books.

Joining the XXI century was marked by increased competition between multiple computer giants such as Intel, 3Com, Microsoft.During the 1999 -2000 year, they announced the release of new "tablet" with access to the Internet.At the turn of the century was the feature is available to users surfing the web, which has made a real revolution in the minds of fans of the tablet.

Excellence Microsoft

micro revolution in the world of the creators of the tablet occurred in 2002, when Microsoft announced the release of Windows Tablet PC Edition - a fundamentally new operating system, based on which the partners of the company were released several dozen "tablets."The main disadvantage of these devices has been their high cost, so they were not available to the ordinary buyer.Main distribution they received in the corporate sector.

A number of companies have not once tried to get ahead of Microsoft in the computer of the race.Most of all in this competition succeeded corporation Nokia, released the 2005 version of the Tablet PC, managed mobile platform Maemo.This she proved all that gadgets can operate under the control of the mobile, and not only on desktop operating systems.

Apple - era leader postkompyuternoy

Despite the overwhelming superiority of Microsoft, for 2009, the world of computer technology gradually mature change.Among experts there are rumors that Apple is preparing a tablet coup.All developments were kept secret.Until the moment of the presentation did not even know the name of the device, not to mention any specifications.

In response to all the new Microsoft and its partners presented at the next CES 2010 representatives of Apple, traditionally do not participate in any global forums and exhibitions, kept a stubborn silence.Several weeks passed, and Apple blow up the world, showing his new creation - the Tablet PC iPad.He differed from the competition a number of innovations:

  • control of the fingers without using the stylus;
  • mobile operating system;
  • energy-efficient processor.

Skeptics do not believe that the new gadget Apple and its chairman, Steve Jobs will attract the attention of users.All doubts vanished when the first day of sales at stores lined up a queue of several hundred meters.In the world of computing devices took a new revolution ...