Do not yank the cord. If too sharply pull the cord, it will soon have to buy a new one.When negligent handling of the equipment or the power cord socket is very simple may stop working.In the worst case, can cause a short-smearing.Also, do not need to put on the cable heavy objects, even if it is not connected to the network.

Away from food. If you love to watch movies on the laptop, then there is nothing to worry about.Much worse, if you are watching a movie or eat fatty sandwiches dumplings, some food particles can get to penetrate the monitor or keyboard.Let soda, tea, coffee or a meal will be at a safe distance from your laptop, otherwise sooner or later

have to give it to the repair of cleaning.Incidentally, the liquid in the laptop can cause a short circuit, leading to malfunction.

need rest. Because of long work laptop heats up so much that even a built-in fans can not help.Sometimes turn off the laptop, at least for half an hour.If you can not make such breaks, you get a special stand for the laptop, so it does not overheat much.

Antivirus. Regularly check the antivirus software, and update their performance.Scan your Internet traffic for viruses.Of course, it will take some time, but it is to ensure the safety of your laptop.

Emotions. What do you do when the laptop starts to hang?Push the button or pull the battery off, is not it?Such therapy for each laptop causing him harm.You may lose data that is difficult to recover.Remember that the battery should be handled very carefully.The battery begins to discharge quickly and stop working.Better to protect a battery than to buy new every six months, right?

keyboard. keyboard should be cleaned regularly to clean out all the germs, which is really a lot.You can use a special disinfectant, but it can not splash directly on the keyboard itself.Dampen the cloth and wipe the tool keyboard.You can also put a protective film on the display and the keyboard.